look @ my new shirt from goodwill


look @ my new shirt from goodwill

One Million Bottles of Orange Soda on the Wall

He just stops at 11 tho?

I can’t stop watching old episodes of kenan and kel.

Forgot how hilarious this show was. Drake and Josh was ok, but if you think it’s anywhere close to Kenan and Kel, you’re wrong.

MF DOOM - Doomsday
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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II



“The Boonies” - Killer Mike prod. by Alchemist.  From The Boondocks Mixtape, coming soon.

This is the song featured in the trailer for season 4 and an all Boondocks-inspired mixtape is set to drop on April 16th.


ah fuck

Just got off from my first day of work.

Not too bad or strenuous actually. The job is physically easier than i though. Meaning there’s no excuse for me not to hit the gym before i go to work once my shoulder is completely better.

Mitsuto Suzuki, Michiyo Honda - Eclipse
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Mitsuto Suzuki, Michiyo Honda - Eclipse.

Really like this track.



Kobe makes OJ Mayo disappear. #GotEm

The jordan move and didn’t have to push him….